Your dream of writing a novel can be realized, today.

Who are you, really ? Do you define yourself by your occupation ? Your family position ? Life experiences ?

I am a Certified Life Coach, a writing coach and an author. But I am also an artist, poet,  mother,  sister, daughter, partner, traveler, seeker, lover of beauty, adventure and truth. I am a former interior designer, college instructor, yoga instructor, massage therapist, banker, and administrative assistant.

Why does that matter ? Because, by example, YOU are more than what you do or have done, who you live with, love or left behind.

YOU are a complicated, fascinating, one of a kind, living, breathing miracle. YOU are an artist, born to create, whether you describe yourself that way to strangers or not. YOU have something to share with the world. Like YOU, it is unique, extraordinary and a gift only YOU can share.

I am the person who wants to help bring that gift to light.  How long have you wanted to write that book ? I talk to clients who have written or wanted to write all of their lives. Some have even started books and not been able to bring them to fruition.

 I understand what that is like. Sometimes « life » insists we make room for what we must do by minimizing the things we want to do. Then patterns take over.

In my own efforts to follow the « right » path, I pushed aside some of my greatest gifts and denied my most treasured desires. It took me too long to get to this place. That doesn't have to be your story. Bringing your dreams to life doesn’t require giving up everything you have created to this point.

My journey differs from yours. You may be an attorney, a physician, a CEO, a professor,  professional writer, entrepreneur or corporate executive.

You may have put in years obtaining your degree, pursuing your career and sacrificed untold hours of sleep to be where you are now. You have worked hard. You have done well.  But, somehow, you feel it isn’t enough. Wherever you are now, may not be the culmination of where you want to be, yet.

The perfect way to predict your future is to create it.
— Abraham Lincoln

There is no better time to begin creating the future you want to live. You have made it through enough life to know, tomorrow never waits.



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