Sadly, life is not a Disney Movie.


Going after what you want is not as easy as riding the waves of what comes.  But when you come to realization it is worth it, you are so much more alive.

What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do.
— Emerson

I meditated on that line many, many times in 2014 while recovering from a shattered patella. Trust me. Several months in a leg brace, non-weight bearing gives you way too much time in your head. But I couldn’t escape the truth of it.

Next step: Spend 9 months plotting a way to live in Paris, like it was my job.

It kind of is actually. I am a Life Coach. I spend my hours coaching people to follow their dreams. It was time for me to put the proverbial walk with the talk.

And now, I am happy to report, I am here in the City of Lights.

 I know this because this is what I do. I help other people, You for example, realize that long ago buried dream, bring it out of the darkness and shine a really big light on it.

I help you put the words you long to say into the book you long to write. I help you bring out the artist that already exists inside of you.

If you are reading this and you are one of those people scanning the copy for the meat (I am one of those people), you might want to know these things about me.

I have been writing since I was five. Throughout my secondary educational years I won several essay contests.

I left for college at 16 to study interior design and decided that writing was a sure fire way to starve, so I put it aside for roughly 10 years.

I couldn’t escape the calling on my life, but I did take a few detours, careers in artistic fields I felt would allow me to create, but still eat. Marriage, Motherhood. Divorce.

Mid fifties I finally figured out what I had been avoiding, ME.

(Now during the ensuing years between mid 20’s and my “Ah ha” moment, I kept writing. And I kept studying, taking online course after online course. Going back to college to study for a second degree in art, referred for writing scholarships, which I was afraid to take. Because then I would actually have to write and not just talk about it.)

Two Life Coach certifications, a year long mentorship program and two books later, here I am.



My paper resumé is not covered in awards or degrees from Ivy league schools. Actually, it looks more like an orphaned child, bouncing from one thing to the next.

But that is exactly why you want to work with me. Because what I have learned, yes, in the higher halls of academia, but also in the screeching highways of experience, is what will get you across the finish line.

I can help you realize your dreams and create a truly MASTERPIECE LIFE, that includes master-peace.

Call me today, or ask for a free copy of “Your Novel Writing ToolKit”