I know that your most magnificent self is just waiting on you to write her into being. She is tapping her toe and checking her watch.


How? Read on.




I was raised by a mom who told me to follow my dreams and be whatever I wanted to be.




She was one amazing women. But the one thing she never quite mastered was marriage. Selfishly, I wanted it all, career, family, love, the house.

So, I married the first time at 20. Seven years later when he fell in love with someone else, I divorced him. (Three was a little crowded.) But hey, that wasn’t my fault, right?


Undaunted, I married again at 31. I won’t take you through the whole relationship. But to give you some insight, I couldn’t read Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” because the whole crying on the bathroom floor ran too close to home.


Outside our marriage looked like a romance novel. Inside however, it was more Stephen King for me.


My ex is great, we have a wonderful son. We loved each other, but I was making everything about our relationship and very little about who I was or the part I was playing. 


It took me five years, 8 counselors and the loss of my mom to become courageous enough to end our 18 year marriage. I assumed, despite feeling like I had failed, that I had done the hard part.  




And then reality said “Hello”.




The ensuing 9 year odyssey would take an encyclopedia to fill. It wasn’t until I began writing again that clarity came. The years of counseling gave me perspective, but coaching and writing saved my life.

I would love to say it happened in a month. It didn't. It was a process. I worked very hard, I studied and I wrote. I became a Life Coach and then I wrote more. I used writing in my coaching business with great success. And then I wrote some more.


The good news is that I spent 15 years learning what I can teach you in one.


Sometimes there are things we need to go through to emerge on the other side. But sometimes we are offered the gift of learning from another’s journey




My motto?

Yes, you can. You really can.




And today?


I am living my story with joy and passion. Paris, food, wine and love.


My dream for you?

To know that finding someone else is never the answer.

Finding ourselves is.

You are both the heroine and the author of your life,

your one wild and precious life.

What story do you want to tell?