Brightly, Beautifully, Brilliantly...Just the Way You Were Intended to

A quote from Pema Chodron:

“To the degree that we look clearly and compassionately at ourselves, we feel confident and fearless about looking into someone else’s eyes.


It is Wednesday where I live. I arrived in Paris at 10:45 on Saturday. Since it is now 11:57, I have technically been “back home” for four days. So, how is life in the city of romance after returning?

In a word,


I haven’t quite worked out my rhythm yet. Still have the days and nights a bit confused because of the time loss. I find myself marking the hours by the chimes of the church clock across the street.

I have a new digital product coming out in January, so what I am want to say is that I cleared my calendar to have more time. But, that isn’t quite the truth. The reality is that the last six months have been an evolution for me.

On my first adventure to Paris, I told myself that it was a beautiful, but temporary adventure. Although those closest to me didn’t believe that. It turns out they were right and I was the one confused.

Making the transition from one year to indefinite created new excitement, new adventures, and new challenges. It seemed to come at the price of redefining myself, my business and my message. Who can I help with what I know? What do I really stand for? What do I want to say? I even turned down one on one coaching clients because I decided (rather reluctantly I confess) I wasn’t the one to help them.

It was hard to let go and I must share that I have been a bit anxious about the revenue loss. But, then I read Amy Porterfield’s email from a couple of days ago.

Amy Porterfield is authentic, genuinely compassionate and so eager for you to succeed that she is willing to let us in on her deepest secrets, if it helps us get past ours.

I was blown away by her “startling confession”.

I won’t ruin her message by trying to paraphrase, take a listen for yourself. But I will share the last few lines of the email she sent announcing it:


But before you listen to my startling confession, I wanted to take a second to thank you. 

Thank-you, Kim Benjamin. 

 I have the most incredible audience of listeners and students, who I know are ready to hold space for me to be a real person. 

 A person with fears and insecurities.

 Who struggles with real-life problems just the same as you.

 It’s time for me to get radically honest about that, starting with the episode I so badly wanted to delete.

 Go easy on me.

 ALL my best,



Who could avoid being moved by this courageous confession?

I wanted to hug her. I wanted to be her best friend.

Talk about putting your all out there for the world, with the clear intent to bring other women up, give us hope and courage and fire.

She reminded me.

My life is a story. Your life is a story.

We each have a story to tell.

My story includes many, many beautiful moments, my son, writing and publishing two books, moving to Paris, finding the man of my dreams, learning French, having the most amazing family and friends to cheer me on.

It also has dark moments like divorce, (despite my happiness now, I still grieve the loss of my second marriage and guiltily wonder what I could have done better, differently, more). Death,( I’ve lost my parents a beloved nephew and several close friends). Loss, doubt, insecurity, failure (career changes, crazy financial decisions to loan money to people – hint, don’t do it). Too much to tell here in one or two paragraphs.

So, the question then becomes just this,

What is your story?


Who desperately needs to hear your story today?

Let’s trade stories and then talk about how you can share your’s. Someone is waiting to hear it.

P.S. I highly recommend checking out Amy Porterfield (even if you don’t have a business to launch):


Tomorrow I will share a little about another totally kick ass women (oops, did I say kick ass? Letting the emphatic Mark Twain side of me surface! What fun!) who went from living in her car to a multiple (as in 6) figure income.