Whoa! It’s Wednesday… | Where are you?


Wednesday’s are called “hump days”, obviously because they mark the middle of the week, and making it to this point indicates that if you can just hang in there for 8 more hours, the next few days will be like coasting downhill. Or will they?

What if every day you woke up excited about your life and your job?

What if, just what if you woke up in the city of your dreams?

Yesterday, I told you about a very successful woman, who bared her soul and her most personal story, what she called a confession, as if by not telling us she was holding something back.

Today, another woman who rocks her world, helps women like you and me all the time and loves getting to go to work E V E R Y D A Y! But, it wasn’t always that way.

She shares, if you follow her, or want to read her story, that being in an abusive relationship (which finally landed her sleeping in her car with less than $10), was actually her ticket to her dream life. Sound crazy?  She says it was the motivation she needed to reach down deep and find herself.  

She went on to capitalize, or rather utilize, her gift with words and I believe hit $1,000,000 before the age of 35. Like Whoa, seriously?!

Of course the little voices in your head may be going, “well, yeah, I hear stories like that all the time. That isn’t me.”

Maybe not at the moment, (and of course hopefully not living in your car broke, or in an abusive relationship). But, where are you? Is it where you want to be? Do wake up in the mornings loving life? Maybe you do, maybe you are perfectly content.

But is there something you really, really want that you don’t have? Want to write? Want to travel? Want to start a non-profit? Want to learn a new language? Or the Tango?

Whatever it is, that thing, that passion, that dream, it can be yours.

Let’s hop on a call and talk about it………… just click on contact and schedule a 30 minute discovery call. Let’s talk about how a writing life works to transform and brings you to that masterpiece life you long for. It’s free!

BTW – the woman above is Ash Ambridge. If you are not familiar with her, check her out:

https://www.themiddlefingerproject.org/ She is amazing!

While Amy Porterfield touches our hearts, Ash Ambridge dares us to get off the sofa and live.