Thursday think and talk: Risk Saying Yes – and No


Danielle LaPorte, if  you are a female between the ages of 25 and 70, chances are you have heard of her, with several best selling books, like “Desire Mapping” and “The Fire Starter Sessions”, “The White Hot Truth” and “Style Statement”, not to mention her franchisement of said concepts, Danielle LaPorte has made a career (and created an industry) out of understanding our emotions. Why? Because our emotions are what drive us. They are what actually make us do what we do, when we do it and with what degree of passion or resistance we do it

What she discovered and then began to teach, is that if we tap into what she calls our five core emotions and

operate from that place we become unstoppable. Why? Because like that old adage, “it ain’t work if you love it”,

when we work from a place of passion, time flies, flowers bloom, the sun shines and money falls from trees, or something like that.

And it is true. Think about the last time you were doing something you loved to do, whether it was working in the garden, painting, taking a long hot bath, cooking, whatever, didn’t time literally just fly by? Weren’t you a bit surprised to discover you had been involved for a lengthy time and hadn’t had the anxious impulse to internet shop, or eat, or drink, or smoke, or any of the things we do when we are frustrated or bored in an activity we detest.

And that is exactly how it should be for us most of the time. Now don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that just because you love babies and enjoy spending time with them that you relish dirty diapers. Nor does the prospect of cleaning a hundred pots and pans after a spectacular evening of cooking seem like a load of fun.


Not even the grunge parts of life are as grundgy when they come as part of a package we love.

I am not a huge fan of the concept that we all “deserve” to be happy. Happy is too indefinable, and too broad. And deserve? Hmmm, that is a tricky one for me because it becomes a little fuzzy around the edges. Deserve because someone else owes it to us, or because we work hard, or just because we are born? Nah, I prefer what it says in our Declaration of Independence.

“…the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness…”

I believe we all have the right to “pursue” happiness. I also believe that we have the capacity, and for most of us in the free world, the privilege, to do so.

And I do mean, privilege, when I say we have the right to pursue happiness. For many people, sadly, this is not a right.

So, for those of us out there/here/wherever you are……..what are you doing about that? How are you pursuing happiness?

I live in one of the most incredible cities in the world, in a fabulous apartment and I spend my time and make my living writing and working with beautiful people who want to pursue their happiness too. What a blessed life!

Again, don’t misunderstand, I have written many blogs about the struggles it took for me to get here (and the struggles I am still facing – like my French.. LOL) But much like changing a diaper or doing dishes (OK, yes, weak, maybe even yucky metaphors……… but you reacted, oui?), the struggles are just minor moments in a very lovely journey.

I want that same thing for you? Don’t you want it too? You can have it. You can pursue happiness.

I have a one year program that will show you how to write the book you have always wanted to write and in the process, transform your life, literally “re-write” the life you have into the one you would like to have.

So, say A BIG FAT YES to your life – and NO – to anything that would prevent you from living it.

Pre Launch for “Write Life” is November 15th, 2017

Stay tuned in for details.

In the interim period, please feel free to submit your work here for publication. Simply send an email with a request for publication, along with your work and you could have your work published here for free.

And if you are not familiar with Danielle LaPorte, check her out here



The streets music

Fights the ink of night

The mystery that is Paris

Even absent stars light


But soon, darkness pushes its moon

Behind clock’s midnight,

And us, touching, two

Alone In blackness, respite


The whisper softness of sky

In the color of sea,

Faint hint of lavender

Invites sweet sleep


Until, into dreams I fly

Far too quickly to arise

Knowing still

You will be

Lying next to me