MAGIC MONDAY : “I Will Take Mine GRAND, Thank You.”

“I Will Take Mine GRAND, Thank You.”

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Every MAGIC MONDAY -  A short weekly note to get your beautiful mind to wander through the fields of dreams and delights, based on the concept of “Write Life, Right Now”.


This week it is a guided tour through the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. An amazing  Châteauesque-style mansion created by George Vanderbilt, in conjunction with architect Richard Morris Hunt and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead.

It is the largest privately owned home in the US, with 255 rooms encompassing over 135,000 square feet of living space, opulently furnished with over 23,000 books, in 8 languages, hand selected by Vanderbilt himself, paintings, tapestries and furnishings, gathered from his more than 60 trips to Europe. It is breathtaking in its beauty; a combination of European elegance and American ingenuity. It is well worth a visit during your lifetime.

On visiting the Biltmore recently, for a second time, I found myself just as awestruck as I had been on my initial introduction. Apart from the gild, the crystal, the priceless masterpieces, the wealth, or the vastness of the almost 8000 acres estate, it was the family themselves that made such an impression on me. This 43 bathroom mansion, with indoor pool and bowling alley was their home, a place where friends gathered and everyone working for them, and their families, were known by name, given Christmas gifts ( not en masse like hand towels or toasters) and sent get well baskets, or congratulatory gifts on births, weddings and the like.

George and Edith Vanderbilt, in keeping with the social expectations of the time, entertained friends, loved ones and literary greats like Edith Wharton and James. The challenge here often required changing attire up to 6 times per day. ut still managed to know, and respect, the hundreds of lives they employed and affected. They fostered community building, through George’s innovative concepts in farming. Edith sponsored and encouraged after hours’ literacy classes for adults, and supported a trade school where illiterate women could not only learn to read and write, but to develop a trade that could release them from the bonds of abject poverty.

So, your turn. If you had more wealth than a small country, what would you do with it?

  1. Buy a small country
  2. Donate the majority to those in desperate need
  3. High rollin gambling, drippin in diamonds like Marilyn
  4. Jet set around the world
  5. Run for office
  6. Start your own community effort
  7. Hire personal servants and spend your days reading and writing
  8. Learn new languages
  9. Support global peace

I mean really, have you ever thought about what you would do?

Start here. Make a list of your top 5 wants/wishes/dreams that require money.

  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third
  4. Fourth
  5. Fifth

Next, layout a plan, be as outlandish as possible, about how you might go about obtaining the necessary funds…( Robbing banks and winning the lottery are too easy…really go wild.. imagine you are Howard Hughes or Amelia Earhart.. how would you capitalize on your position…….or…….would you create couture gowns, do a go fund me campaign, apply for personal assistant to the richest woman in the world, become a backup singer for Beyoncé…… gold in Yellowstone..)

And finally, put it all in writing. Why?

  • Because it is part of your story.
  • Because they are dreams worth dreaming.
  • Because you just might wake up one day to find out you obtained them.
  • Because, even if you don’t buy a small country, island or the Biltmore, you might just buy a one way ticket to a private island, the house of your dreams or a community garden where you live……… besides, they make great for perfect writing practice.
The only caveat is that it must be written by hand, dated, signed, and no reality checks about “how” you might achieve them.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot this one, oops, work these into your writing. You can do it in poetry, a country western song, a chapter in your book, and inspirational blog post, a memoir moment to your kid (s), or just a diary entry.

Play with the wildest thoughts you can come up with……and if you need inspiration, spend an hour or two researching the Biltmore Estate.

Part II

  • Now list five things that you already have that at one time where on your dream list. For example,
  • Did you long to be married to a great guy? Are you now?
  • Did you want to own your own home/condo/townhouse? Do you?
  • Did you want to run a marathon, learn a new skill, finish college, get a great job?


Who says Mondays can’t be Magic?