3 Steps to Change That Really Work


Step #3 to writing your own Fairytale:

Decide which wolf to feed.

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “There is a fight going on inside of me,” he says to the boy.

“It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, regret, sorrow, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, envy, false pride and ego. The other is good. He is joy, peace, love, serenity, generosity, benevolence, truth and faith. This same fight is going inside of you and inside of everyone.”

The grandson thought for a minute and then asked, “Which one will win?”

The grandfather simply said, “The one you feed.”

When we allow our fears to control us, we are not feeding the good wolf. Notice how each characteristic of the “evil” wolf is a direct result of fear.

Fear we won’t get what we want creates anger, resentment, self-pity, envy, inferiority, false pride and ego.

Fear of being abandoned creates resentment, envy, sorrow, and often guilt over the things we do to compensate.

Fear of being judged creates false pride (or inferiority), envy, lies, resentment and ego.

Fear of making a mistake – regret for the things we don’t do, resentment, self-pity for not doing it, inferiority for being afraid to do it.

Allowing our fears to stop us, to keep us trapped in the past, paralyzed, confused, angry, hopeless only feeds the wolf we don’t want.

Showing up for your life is a battle. Fear will show up too. Every time we take a new step, have a new idea, dream a new dream. It is just our brain trying to keep us safe. But we aren’t safe, lovely one, if we are dying inside.

I won’t go into the countless statistics that link our emotional state to actual physical disease. The word itself has been broken down as dis “ease”. Dis ease with our lives, our marriages, how we have let ourselves go out of hopelessness, or overspent, or anything else we do to bury the feelings that fear brings up for us. But there is hope.

Know this, lovely, your feelings are created by your thoughts. And you can learn how to take control of your thoughts. And if you can absorb what science teaches us that feelings come in waves of 90 seconds, I promise you can learn to ride that wave. And it will free you from the fear of falling in the deep and never coming out.

That is how you feed the good wolf. Examine your thoughts, allow your feelings. Decide how you want to feel and create the thoughts that support those feelings. I realize it may sound too simple to be true, or too hard to imagine doing. But it is true– and you dear one, are more than capable, braver than you feel and stronger than you know. You can do it too.

So, there you have the 3 simple, but magical steps, to writing your own fairytale.

1. Find what lights you up.

2. Let go of the past in favor of A future

3. Feed the good wolf (thoughts)
I am here if you want to know more. Let’s chat about Your one wild and precious yet to written fairytale life!

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