Chase Your Dreams

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I have written quite a bit lately on the, well, let’s say more somber side of things, because my heart goes out to those women who are where I was 12 years ago, in the throes of “what the hell do I do now?” I have a child, I’ve been married 14 years, but this isn’t working out at all.

I write about it because my wildest hope is to inspire you to chase your dreams and not give up, no matter how hard it may seem. Being on the other side gives me some perspective, yes. It may even look at little too good to be true. Many people look at my life and think I just fell into a vat of good luck.

I wish that were the case and I could go around sprinkling pixie dust everywhere so you too would have the same “good luck”. The truth is a little less fairytale.

So today, just for giggles, I thought we might just ditch the serious and have some fun.

Want to?

If so, keep reading. This is a little piece I jotted off quickly when I returned to the states this summer.

I am home for a bit, checking on my house, visiting with family and friends. I found this show on TV I really like, “Jo”, a French detective series. I get to travel through Paris with Jo, who incidentally is a French detective who only speaks English. As a matter of fact, everyone in the police station speaks English, as do all the “bad guys”, the ME and anyone else associated with the show. I get to traipse through Paris understanding every single word that is spoken.
Gotta love television, we can dream without ever leaving the sofa, right? I mean really, no one in a Paris police station speaks French, how amazing is that? But I digress. I miss Paris. I can’t wait to return. But I also am experiencing a reconnection with my roots. (English is our native language here.) Things here are so familiar I don’t have to think about them.
After living abroad (every time I say that I hear myself and think “Like wow, I really did live abroad.”) I get to see the familiar with new eyes. What a gift. 
Of course at times, being “home” can be like coming down in a hot air balloon, where you really hope the guy knows how to land and you don’t end up on the rocks. Because things are never quite the way you left them, or expect them to be. But isn’t that the mystery of life?

Like this quote I just read on someone’s Pinterest Board:
“One Life, Just One.  Why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?”

Well? Why aren’t we?

Here are a few possibilities, let me know your thoughts:

  • My dreams changed (wild now means leaving the house without a diaper bag).
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day (ok, I know it seems like super successful Sue has somehow found a time machine and only sleeps every other day). But perhaps we just need to look at our calendar a little differently. I can show you a few tricks here. 
  • I had my heart broken (this one doesn’t lend itself to humor, but then to have our heart broken, it means we had the courage to give it to someone. And that is never a bad thing. Ok, well, unless he or she happens to be a serial killer, that might be bad. But short of that, even anti-social narcissists probably gave us a few happy memories, if we are honest.)

So, the question BECOMES, what is REALLY keeping you from chasing your dreams? Like if you absolutely, positively could not fail?

Try these on for size:

  1. Take no more than 5 minutes to write down 7 of the craziest, most exciting things you can think of. Don’t edit, don’t try to figure out the how, just go with whatever creates a tingling sensation in your body.
  2. Assign each one a number 1-7 according to how important/fun/exciting it would be.
  3. Now, put them in the correct order by priority. Leave enough space between each one for notes.
  4. Underneath each one write three action steps that could take you closer to that goal. Baby steps here. For example, want to be a rock singer? Do you have a guitar? Drums? Could you take lessons somewhere? Self-study on YouTube?
  5. Spend 5 minutes a day looking at your list and your action steps. Pick one or more action steps to work on that day/week/month.

How long it takes is irrelevant you will discover, once you are moving towards it. It is the very act of movement that brings excitement and hope back.