I’ve Been Wondering What to Say


We all want to feel loved and accepted just for being us. So today and the rest of this week it is all about YOU. I am sitting here, honestly, having a glass of wine with bread and cheese – it’s 3:00 lunch. I live in France. All seems well.

Except for one tiny thing -I am wondering what I could share with you that would really help you believe life can be beautiful and joyful. Some little tidbit of information that might push back the prevailing hurricanes in your life, maybe make your day just a little bit brighter.

What do you need, I ask myself? I think back to that place years past, when I was dancing like Pinocchio on strings – trying anything and everything, fearful of making a mistake, but so tired, physically, mentally and emotionally. What would most light your heart?

To know that you are stronger than you think you are (because you are an amazing testimony to the strength of the human spirit).

To know that you are unique gift, a marvel, a wonder of nature. During the gestation period of your creation literally everything had to happen a very certain way at a very specific moment. Just being born makes you a miracle. But you have grown so much more miraculous since then.

If we were to talk, I know I would find at least three, (much more I am sure of but at least three) things about you that are extraordinary.  Your generosity, creativity, tenacity, brilliance, courage.

Would that give you enough “oomph” to make it through the day?

For you to see you and learn to really, really love that person. Forgive that woman in the mirror, believe in her. Arm her with whatever she needs to live a life you love.

Coaching women through a difficult marriage, or difficult place in their marriage, or just the difficulties of life, is not just what I do every day.

If I can say or do anything that helps you know you are not alone, or helps you take the next step, or allows you to feel truly loved, or keeps you from trading one pain for another – in other words – that will let you see the amazing woman you are right now – I am here to do it.

So, tell me what you most need right now.

Until then,


PS – if writing is not your thing, book a complimentary call here. You can tell me face to face, via Zoom.

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