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Let’s say it’s this time next year and you are looking back on your year as you plan your goals for 2018. You are blown away at all you have accomplished. What would have to happen to make you feel that way?

  1. A finished novel?
  2. A calendar that allows you time to create?
  3. More exciting life experiences?
  4. Travel?
  5. A new career, or better balance between career and passion?
  6. Have you even thought about that before?

If you aren’t sure, this is a great opportunity to sit with that question for 10 minutes and give it some thought.

Here are a couple of little exercises I use in my coaching practice to help uncover buried treasure.

Find a comfortable spot where you can sit in a relaxed manner without interruption. Sit down with a pen and blank copy paper. Close your eyes and take a few deep, calming breaths. When you open your eyes, turn the paper sideways. Write at the top:

Looking Back – What made 2018 my best year ever!

Imagine you are writing from your future self. Imagine you have just spent the most wonderful year you could imagine. Not that you haven’t had a great life with lots of wonderful moments, gifts, families, etc., but this past year just blew you away in terms of dreams and goals. What happened? As you write this question on the paper, allow yourself to be mentally transported to one year from now. See yourself writing in a journal or diary about the year that just passed.


And then let the thoughts fly. There are no rules, except these:

  • You must write by hand
  • You must use blank unlined paper
  • Turned in the landscape position.

And here’s why those two rules, well, rule… Pun intended.

Writing by hand fully engages our Brain by requiring us to use more motor skills, (and a collection of links around the brain called “reading circuit” according to an article by Johanna Silver in Huff Post.)

Helps us remain focused, multiple scientific studies have concluded.

By slowing us down, it becomes a more relaxing, contemplative exercise, allowing our creative right brain to show up and offer us bigger, brighter insight.

Turning blank paper horizontally mentally frees us from any perceived restrictions, no lines, no margins, different direction = no rules. (“Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life” Vimala Rodgers)

I am so excited to hear what you come up with. Feel free to share it here. And if you would like any other creative writing exercises, download my freebie, “The Writer’s Tool Kit”

A beintôt et Bisous!!