Paris Is Always A Good Idea


I shared a bit of my hi‘story’ recently.

My goal was to let you try on my shoes for a moment and see if they felt anything like what you are standing in right now.

The purpose was to help you know – you don’t have to stay there. My life today is vastly different. It took some twists and turns I can show you how to avoid. I learned how to navigate out of sorrow, confusion and anger to rewrite the fairytale life I live now. That’s why I know you can too.

2.5 years ago the exciting work I do lead me to Paris. Where I lived in a 3 bedroom flat in the most “Parisian” (so the adverts say) arrondissement  in the city. 15 minutes from the Arc de Triomphe, 25 minutes from Montmartre and 20 minutes from the Opera, Louvre and the best of shopping in all of France. It was magic.

And now? “we” live in a 4 story brick townhome in Orléans - with a private garden, marble fireplaces, hardwoods and 12’ ceilings in every bedroom (6 in all). I really do feel like Cinderella each time I walk in the door.

No, I wasn’t swept away by a handsome man on a white horse (although he does drive a white car – LOL).

How did I make the big leap? Better question, how can you?

3 Simple steps-

A. Empowered Passion- When we discover what brings us joy and meaning (psst -it has nothing to do with clothes, money, your body, men or even accomplishments.)

B. Releasing – letting go of the past in favor of “A future”

This one can be hard. Releasing expectations and drama, blame and people, to truly reconnect to you.

But when you learn more about YOU – and your amazing brain, the power of thought, neuroplasticity and an incredibly potent little word – “yet” you will see how simple it really can be.

C. Naked and Unafraid – Deciding which wolf to feed- fear or life.

And yes, the fears show up again and again. But they won’t stop you once you understand it is possible to feel your feelings without getting stuck in darkness.

Très simple, oui? (I am beginning to think it is easier than learning French!)

Ok, ok, I know, I kind of glossed over the details. I won’t lie, it took me a while to figure it out.

So, keep your eyes peeled. I’ll share what I learned in more detail one step at a time.


BTW, if you don’t want to wait on the emails let’s hop on a call. There are several ways you can rewrite your story, much more quickly (without the bumps and bruises).

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