Whoa Wednesday

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The above is a quote from Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Sabrina”. Which of course was remade in 1995 with Harrison Ford and another of my favorite actresses, Julia Ormond.

I love this quote, because is true, even when life tosses you a horde of challenges that keep you from posting blogs for five days!

No excuses, just my profound apologies.

By way of explanation, I have been working on a video regarding my newest creation, a one year long writing program that will take your idea/longing from beginning to completed manuscript. But here’s what had happened…

the challenges of merging my Apple products, French internet, lack of technical know-how, well, let’s just say 60+ hours of close to childlike meltdowns that my own son would be embarrassed to witness are an understatement.

All of which is why I am back, today, here, confessional and eager to tell you that YOU can do it. Walking the walk, getting back up, dusting off and any other meme that comes to mind! LOL

Life is one big beautiful odyssey. We only get one shot at it. Sometimes we are Captain Bly and sometimes we are Moby Dick. The waves come, the weather is unfavorable, our crew hates us, we are battling new things that our brain tells us to just give up trying to learn – go into deep water it says…. Just HIDE…..

And that, my friend is exactly what we want to do.


Is it?

“Too busy trying to make a living to make a life.”

I understand. No, really.

I live in a country where I am still working to master the language, while writing in my native tongue, often 6 hours/day which causes major crossover confusion in the grey cells. Finding a hairdresser can be challenging, much less a videographer.

Sometimes, no, that is a lie, often, I look out my window and long to just go sit in a café, drink wine and soak up the beauty all around me, hang out in museums, stroll the streets…... (I don’t usually get a lot of sympathy when I say things like this……smile.)

But then, I talk with clients that are often struggling with so much, look at the bills on the desk, the novel so close to being finished, photos of the family members I miss (who also have their share of struggles, which I am not there to lend a hand to), and the legal tentacles wrapping their nasty little branches around my passport while I juggle the requirements of a long-term visa. (And hey, that is a big one since I sold all my possessions and rented my house, making me homeless if I get kicked out of France….LOL….anybody got a spare room?)

Some days the winds blow at hurricane force when what we are hoping for is a gentle breeze. But you still need to put that kite in the air. I can help you. Let me.

If you are exhausted with your current life, let me show you how to re-write it.