Tantalizing Tuesdays in Paris: Brunch Anyone?

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Soooo, last week I began what was supposed to be a series outlining the 9 important steps to help you write your book, AND re-write your life in 2018. I got a bit derailed, as you will know if you read my other blogs.

I am going to pick up now with the steps, but first, here’s a glimpse into my life before we get down to business. And invite you, where ever you are to join me.

Paris, the City of Lights and love… and lovely Sunday afternoons….

My fiancé is an amazing cook (I know lucky me.. living in Paris with a handsome Frenchman that cooks! Life rocks!) Yesterday we had some friends visiting from the states and shared with them a very common Sunday event – brunch.

Here are some photos!


A simple meal of shrimp (cravettes en  français) in a bed of grapefruit with homemade mayo, lightly grilled scallops with fresh herbs, baked eggs with ham, onion and peppers.. and of course, Champagne!

All topped off with fresh croissants, chausons de pomme, pain du chocolate and strong coffee.

Wish you were here?

So do I!

So, let’s talk about how you make things like this a part of your life. Want to?

Picking up where we left off in writing the book of your dreams and opening your life to all your dreams…

3: Step three – make it real.

If you knew you only one week to live (yes, I know a bit dramatic, blame it on Bronnie – see quote)

In her book, “The Top 5 Regrets of Dying” palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware says, “…when people look back clearly on it (their lives) it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honored even half their dreams and had to die knowing it was due to choices they had made, or not made…”

That doesn’t have to be you. Start today.

What would you do today, this very morning, or afternoon, or where ever you are?

Anything short of a last-minute vacation to a tropical island (which if you can afford and have the time I highly recommend too!) needs to go into your calendar, like now.

Your life is one big adventure. I like to call it an odyssey. It will be what you make of it. Without being too cliché-ish, make every moment count.

How much of your life do you spend joyfully? Peacefully? Laughing? Smiling? The key to going for the wild dreams is to begin to put the small ones in now, bit by bit.


If writing a book is something you have always longed to do, start it today. Put writing time into your calendar, every day. Respect, and keep those appointments the same way you keep appointments with clients, the dentist or your boss.

Download my Free Writer’s Tool Kit, and check out this other great book

“Story Genius” and start.

Just start.

To Recap the first three steps to a fabulous 2018:

  1. Spend some time alone. Get in touch with the dreams you left behind.

  2. Repurpose Your Calendar, adding self-care and dream pursuit in as appointments not to be broken (this would include writing time).

  3. Make a list of your top five interests. Those things you typically neglect for “more important obligations” Decide to pursue one of those this week.

Additionally –

Set up a writing space where you go to write, put a sign on the door, or your desk, or tape the area off with masking tape and hang this sign there


Unless someone is bleeding, the house is on fire, or some other act of nature occurs, I promise the world will still revolve on its axis without you for one hour..

This may not come easily. It may seem scary and nerve racking in the beginning. You may feel you are neglecting your duties. You may go into this kicking and screaming.

But go.

Don’t be afraid.

I am here.

I see your bravery.

I am applauding you with each step.

Bisous à Paris!