Why did the chicken cross the road?


Yeah, I know. That is one old joke. But not any older than those tired notions we carry around comparing ourselves to others and always coming up short.


It is so easy to walk around believing that we are the only ones that can’t seem to get it right, believing that change or evolving means we messed up the first time around.


That’s what I thought when my first husband fell in love with someone else. I took it to mean I wasn’t enough.


And then along came my second marriage where outwardly I had everything I could possibly want, but every night after dinner my little family of three all went separate ways, each to their own corner of our rambling 4500 square foot house.


Ending that 20-year relationship with everything at stake, my son’s well being, my own sense of worth, and the hurt and sense of loss inflicted on all three of us was almost more than I could bear.


I thought I failed. But what I was doing was evolving, maybe not in a conscious way.


I was carrying around with me a constant barrage of thoughts, that triggered emotions that kept me in a lot of pain. Would I have divorced if I had known then what I know now? I can’t say.


This I do know however. The only constant is change. We change every day. Without getting way too scientific here, just know that every cell in our body moves, shifts, reforms or dies daily dependent on age, environment, how we care for our physical being, and yes, even or most especially, what we carry around in our minds.


The tricky part is that we are usually so busy in our daily routine or habitual patterns we don’t catch the subtle shifts. Until one day we wake up and wonder how we got to where we are.


So, back to our chicken. Why did he cross the road? To get to the other side of course.


Why do we want to learn to become aware of the thoughts and habits that guide us? Because then, like the chicken, we get to decide whether we want to cross the road, go around the block or just sit under a tree.


How do we begin to “catch” the myriad of thoughts (between 45,000 and 65,000/day) to know which ones take us in the direction we want to go and which ones don’t? We begin a writing practice.


No one has it all together, don’t be fooled by appearances. We will never be perfect, or have it all together either, sorry to tell you that. But the sooner we begin to truly recognize where we are and what guides us, the sooner we get to choose our direction, mold our evolution, truly plan our future.


Do you want to cross the road? Maybe, maybe not. Begin a writing practice and you will have more clarity about how to answer that.

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