You Matter, Sweet One



Mentally, physically, emotionally?

The holidays can be so much – for everyone. 

December 14 is the anniversary of me taking my Mom to the oncologist and getting the final prognosis.

December 16 is my Dad’s birthday.

This is the third year I have spent Christmas in Europe – and while yes, this is my home now, and I love it here, it means I am thousands, not hundreds, of miles away from all my family of origin and my son. 

I tell you this just to say- I know that sometimes life seems really hard, especially during the holidays. You give so much to so many people. Sometimes it feels like no one notices. Sometimes it may feel like it wouldn’t matter at all if you just disappeared. 

But it does matter. YOU MATTER. You are the only one like you on the planet. You have things to offer that no one else can. If you don’t do it, it just won’t get done.

I don’t say this to add more pressure to your already pressure filled life. I say this to tell you one simple thing-

You are loved more than you know and your absence would have a greater impact than you can imagine. Don’t ever doubt the work you do – whether that is running a company, teaching children, healing the sick, or making lunches for your kids. You matter. Your imprint on this world matters.

Don’t give up. 

And don’t give in to the voices that like to tell you that you are insignificant or ordinary or not special. They are lying. You are anything but ordinary.

So, since this email may be the last one from me you see before the end of the year, hear this.

I see you. I hear your frustration and pain and doubt.

Hang in there. Help is coming. You are not alone.

Join our FB group UNdone. (And the end of the year challenge to bring in 2019 with clarity and confidence – that works). Go to my website for new freebies. 

Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

If you want more help, schedule a complimentary call. We can talk about one on one coaching, or the digital DIY product I have coming out in 2019. 

You are loved more than you know – don’t lose sight of that in the midst of holiday crazy- just be YOU.  

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