Praise for "Attorney by Day, Novelist by Night"

by Life Coach / Author / Artist; Kimberly Benjamin

“If you think you want to write a book, or you have a book inside you burning to get out, then this is the book for you! Kimberly Benjamin had created a step-by-step process that reads and functions more like a magical framework for your creative process than a boring strategy; and she has carefully crafted “Fun Exercises” all along the way to stimulate your creative juices and help you move into rich storytelling. I wish I’d had this Author’s Companionship when I wrote my first book!”

Jackie Black, PhD., BCC, author of  “Love Like a Black Belt: Cracking the code to being a happy couple”

“In her book Attorney by Day, Novelist by Night, Kimberly Benjamin wraps her loving arms around you with a sweet combination of “I get you” and “You can do it” that pulls you in and makes you truly believe.

This book brings to the forefront the idea that your thoughts create your reality.

And that getting your book out to the world requires working on the inside of you. And that’s where this book takes you, on a wonderful journey of exploration and discovery of YOU. She offers exercises that are as interesting as they are realistic, each one building on the next to gradually lead you to your dreams of writing a book. Filled to the brim with motivation and inspiration, this is a must –read for anyone who longs to write the book (and live the life) they’ve always dreamed of.”
Jennifer Powers, MCC, author of  “Oh, Shift”

Attorney by Day, Novelist by Night shows you how to

  • Access your inner muse

  • Discover hidden time to write
  • Know true joy by engaging in your dreams
  • Rekindle, rediscover, and reignite the best parts of yourself
  • Create a life that balances the demands of career wit the delight of creating

Are you working hard 60-plus hours per week to right the workings of the world? 

Are you enjoying a successful legal career, but are still not wholly satisfied? 

We were all born artists.

But what if the path to becoming an attorney circumvents your deeper inner calling to create?

What if you want to do both – be an attorney and write novels? Attorney’s quietly imagining themselves as the next John Grisham is more common that you might think. 

Using this book, you can indulge your dreams to create, bring more passion for life into your life, and find greater fulfillment – without abandoning your career as an attorney. 

I can show you how to uncover your “Masterpiece Life”

–so that you can find “master peace” walking between the inner artist and the doubt that has kept you small until now.

Let’s take a walk together and I will show you how.

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Praise for "TV Writer by Day, Novelist by Night"

by Life Coach / Author / Artist; Kimberly Benjamin

"Kimberly writes beautifully and is a wonderful coach for aspiring writers and creatives."

Jana Stewart Berghoefer, PhD Best Selling Author of Get Clear

Another great book by Kim Benjamin! Filled with practical actions to get your book done, TV Writer by Day, Novelist by Night  reminds us that we all have gifts, talents and art that the world longs to receive. I especially appreciate the section on defining the “storms” in your life that you think have derailed your dreams.  What a lovely reminder that those times in my life, instead of being failures, have shaped me into who I am today: strong, capable, and resilient. A must-have for writers and creatives alike.

Sue Rasmussen,  Master Coach, EFT practitioner, and best-selling author of My Desk Is Driving Me Crazy and Unclutter Your Spirit    


Do you secretly dream of having a novel with your name on it sitting prominently on bookstore shelves?

TV Writer by Day, Novelist by Night can help you make that happen.

It is a supportive guide to turning your novel writing dreams into reality. At times both humorous and poignant, the author leads the writer along a path of self discovery and growth, uncovering answers to some of the most often asked questions: 

  • How to find the time to write
  • Where to find inspiration
  • What to do when the words stop flowing
  • How to overcome self sabotaging thoughts
  • How to navigate writer’s roadblocks, like well intended advice, busy schedules, family and career demands and loss of enthusiasm


Loaded with helpful exercises to facilitate the writing process and proven methods on quieting the thoughts that prevent writing, this book will take the writer from start to finish in a 7-step program.
Utilizing a lifetime of experience in writing and personal business development, Kim Benjamin shares many of the same techniques she uses with her clients as a writing coach.