How long have you waited to write a book, your book? Months? Years? A lifetime?

You have the story. You know what you want to say. Sometimes you even bring out the computer and begin. Before you know it hours have gone by. You are in your element, your zone.


But then what? Life jumps out at you and the manuscript goes back in the drawer.

You aren’t alone. Statistically speaking, only 3% who begin a book ever finish it.

That’s not you though. You will finish it. You wouldn’t have gotten to where you are today if you didn’t have the determination, drive and creativity to make it. It isn’t easy competing in a male driven professional career. you did it.

… When?

I can help you do it in a year.

Write Life is a one year program for professional women who are ready not only to write the book they have always dreamed of writing, but to re-write the second half of lives into the masterpiece they always envisioned it would become.

Let’s face it, you’ve done the hard work already. You mastered your profession, raised the family, got the house and the dog. But now and you are looking at life with new eyes.

Like Picasso said, “The purpose of art is to shake the dust of everyday life off the soul.”

So here is where Write Life comes in. The process is simple:


Re-Discover You, the Original


Reveal Your Story


Romance the Odyssey


To not only start, but finish that manuscript you need to reconnect with that sense of determination and wonder you left behind in childhood. The One that believed she could be or do anything she wanted to. Hint, she is still in there, and yes, she can be an author.

  • Revealing Your Story is where you get to let your words fall onto the page. That story that has been bottled up waiting to come forth. But this time you will have help, direction and support to go from start to finish.

  • Romance the Odyssey that is your life by a calendar driven by joy and passion instead of a to do list. Creating a writing life that not only sets you up to write this book, but to write a life you enjoy waking up to morning.

  • A commitment. Writing a book can be tons of fun. I know, I’ve written two. It can also be challenging, hard and sometimes downright scary to actually write, vs just thinking or dreaming about writing

  • Minimum of 10 hours per week dedicated to writing.

  • An openness to complete candor on your progress and willingness to implement suggestions or take advice

  • A financial investment in yourself. What do you feel you are worth? Sometimes, as women we get all wrapped around the axles when it comes to investing in ourselves. Sure, it’s ok if it is for our business, or children, or, or. But we falter when it comes to our dreams. I don’t however, hear too many men having buyer’s remorse over that annual golf trip they took, or that car they bought. They have a sense of pride in pursuing their dreams. You will have to have the same.


And this is what you will get out of the year.

  • A finished manuscript

  • The precise steps you need to take from the moment you open your keyboard until you write “The End” on your manuscript

  • Professional editing

  • Two life changing writing retreats in France and a 2 day wrap up to put the finishing touches on your book

  • Weekly one on one sessions to monitor your progress

  • Weekly writing implementation sessions with your group

  • A complete digital program walking you through the process



This is a small, personal group. I set it up that way. You need a community of like-minded women, walking the same journey with you, at the same time. This is not a writing group where you will submit your work for their approval or feedback. The professional team assembled will do that. But you will find support, encouragement and high fives along the way.

You are willing to put in the time, energy and money to make this the best year of your new life, because it can be, and will be, if you are up for the challenge

An understanding that I am not promising you a NYTimes bestselling novel, or a movie deal based on your book, but what you will gain on this journey makes all that look small in comparison.

Please don’t apply if

  • you don’t plan on doing the work required, or are not willing to invest in yourself to make this happen

  • Expect to become an overnight best selling author and retire on your book earnings

  • You cannot take the time to attend the in person retreats



You may know me, you may not, so, by way of introduction I’ve written two best selling books on how to Write Your Novel and keep your day job. After the first one, or rather because of the first one, I made my wildest dreams come true and moved to Paris! Which is where I now live, engaged to a handsome, charming Frenchman. (Match making, however, is not a part of the program.. LOL)

Bottom line: I’ve worked with countless professional women using transformational writing exercises to help them reach their dreams. I’d love to help you reach yours.