What if I told you that your most magnificent everything, “self, life, relationship, joy, generosity, passion, etc” was just waiting for you to write it into being? Would you sit down with a pen and paper and write until it materialized? Or would you think it was far too easy and brush it aside?


Based on the thousands spent on cosmetics, surgery, clothes and gyms annually, it appears we prefer struggle to ease. As if twisting ourselves into a pretzel to prove our worth, or faking it until we make it is preferable to sitting with our true self. We just aren’t quite sure we want to peel back that curtain.


I am not judging by the way. The above was my poison of choice for a long, long time. Until I was literally forced to sit down. No, seriously.


A shattered knee cap can do that for you.


And when you live alone, and the walker won’t fit into the bathroom so you must turn sideways and hop on one leg to reach the toilet, you suddenly appreciate so much more about your previous life.  Then of course there is the noble quest of getting a cup of coffee from one end of the counter to the other, which becomes the major feat of the day, leaving lots of down time for contemplation.


But you know what? That shattered knee cap became one of the greatest blessings in my life. I had nowhere to run. Still I wouldn’t wish the method on anyone as a the preferred way to enlightenment.


Not when you can take a short cut and avoid the whole brace, walker, surgery thing. I can show you how to tap into that beautiful inner person you are right now.


Join me for a free masterclass “Transformational Writing for the Un-Woman: Unmasked, unchained, unstoppable” and discover how to write yourself into your right life, right now, without stitches!