Manifesto for Transforma- Today I write my way out of darkness.Today I shed the cocoon of doubt, unworthiness and pain.Today I write because I am beautiful. Because I am valuable.And just by writing these words I know without doubt I am enough.Writing shows me I have choice. It teaches me I am brave. I am strong. I am unique. I am worthy. I write my way into clarity. Writing shows me the butterflies in my stomach are not fear; they are hope, possibility, future. I am transforming my life with every word.I am not failing. Not falling.I am learning to fly. Leaning into who I am. Going deeper into me. Into love. Into loving me.Today.I.Claim.My.Life.Today I write.Today I emerge.Today I shine.And therefore, Today, I become a beacon for all the women who wonder if their dreams are worthy, if their lives are valuable. The answer is yes. They are. You are. We are. Today and every day.