Ready, Set, Write

If You know that you know you want to write that novel. Maybe you’ve even started it, BUT you just can’t seem to bring it home. Guess what just landed at your feet? The perfect program to take you across the finish line. When that happens we say “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” (it’s a southern thing, in case you’re confused, LOL).

I’m serious. No really, I am. This is definitely your cup of tea.

  • A 60 minute “let’s you to a completed work of art,” call

  • Once we have a game plan down, I create a 12 week calendar with scheduling, deadline dates, and progress goals designed to have you well on the way to a completed book,

  • Then I sprinkle a few weekly writing prompts in.

  • You send me as much or as little of what you have written as you like. I return it with suggestions

  • Of course there is the sideline help (otherwise called accountability). A cheery nudge sent every Monday  via email

  • When you aren’t feeling too optimistic there is Email access to moi Wednesday-Friday with quick-as-a-hummingbird response.

  • Finally, a two hour call at the end of the 12 week period to review things like editing, publishing, and marketing your book (because, ya know, YOU FINISHED IT!),

  • Options to purchase one-on-one coaching sessions during the 12 weeks at half price. And afterwards, reductions for any future on-on-one coaching.

  • Free copies of both of my books.

Ready, Set, Write
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