It’s okay that the things that used to bring you happiness are just sort of “meh” now.

In fact, it’s better than okay. It’s a sign that you’re waking up.

And so you want more.

— Not just a better body (although that wouldn’t be bad);

—  or Prince Charming (again, not going to hit the reject button);

— or even lots and lots more money (everyone wants that, because after all, you gotta have it to give it away, right?);

You want deeper, richer, more satisfying. You want a sense of joy, clear purpose, awakened spirit.

You want to recapture those things you closed the door on and labeled impossible.

How can you do that? Write.

  • Writing aids in healing, helps to decrease stress, improve communication skills, spark originality, create more empathy, increase retention and improve critical thinking.
  • You may not long to be a novelist, or make a career of writing, but you DO have dreams—and the skills you develop with a writing practice are applicable to every walk of life.
  • Studies even show that writing can even be useful to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness by creating a sense of sharing and community.
  • Writing is a transformative mystery that unlocks the door to creating the life you have always wanted to live.

And it is available to you.  Right now.


Wanna transform your existence? Your life will never be the same again. I promise.

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