It’s scary to discover the seemingly great life you are living belongs to someone else, but not you.


Do you want to know what to do next without second guessing? Do you want clarity and a sense of calm about your future? Do you want to feel that deep sense of connection, joy and passion you gave up on long ago? Do you want to transform your life into the one you feel you should be living?


Using a system of transformational writing you can:

  • Unmask your dreams

  • Unchain relationship passion

  • Unapologetically Repurpose your calendar

  • Unambiguously write your true narrative

  • Unashamedly resource help


  • Unadulterated possibility for joy

  • Undaunted Expression

  • Unbreakable Expansiveness



It’s available to you.  

If you wanna transform your existence and write your life forward right now,

You will need to be ready to dive deep, to go in all the way, to invest in you and your life. This is not an easy program, but it is simple. I won’t do it for you, but I will teach you how to do it, so that it stays with you for life.

You will need to be ready to spend a year in transformation and come face to face with yourself. You will need to be able to travel to Paris for two weeks of life changing infusion.

You will need courage, and honesty and love and support and community.


If you are ready, really, really, really ready, click on this link for an application to schedule a quick 10 minute call.

I look forward to seeing your radiance shine through on the other side.