Sweet Dreams are Made of This


Here’s why–

You will have jumped the “where do I start”, “what do I do” hurdle and walk away with the first three chapters of your book, well on the way to your dreams.




  • An initial 60 minute “tell me your writing dreams” call which I will use to create your one year writing calendar/goals and landmarks to give you the foundation to actually write your dream book

  • 6 bi weekly one hour calls to hammer down the writing nightmares and keep you in sweet dreams (with transcripts for you to create your own reference journal for writing.)

  • Weekly writing assignments so that you will walk away from this 12 weeks with a fully fleshed out concept, an outline, the first three chapters, and the tools you need to keep the writing mojo flowing to a completed book.

  • An editorial review of your first three chapters, to make sure you are not sleep walking in the wrong direction

  • Access to me via email M-F where I will get back to you with the speed of wild horses.

  • Two “help me, I’m stuck” 30 minute calls during the 12 weeks to be used at your discretion – so that you will never feel disconnected or like you are on your own, cause you aren’t!

  • Loads of freebies, like PDF’s of my books, a rolodex of professionals in editing/publishing/writing and surprises

  • Free submission to the new blog site coming in January where you can connect with published authors/editors and fellow writers

  • Opportunity to join “Write Life” the one year transformational program to transform your life and give you a finished book in a year, (it includes two writing retreats in France and a 2 day -kick butt conclusion in NYC); or just join us on one of the retreats, at a discount.


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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
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