Kim has been a huge part of me turning my life around. She is direct and honest and guides you into discovering your inner guide. (In my case, that is the Holy Spirit). Kim will be kind and witty but stays to the business at hand.
If your looking for help with coming out of being paralyzed in your life or confused in the direction you should go, she will help lead you to discover “your” path .
— Susan N.

I was so impressed with her talent. I first sought Kimberly’s coaching skills for my law practice, and I was so impressed with her talent that I then sought her help on my true passion — the novel I’ve been working on (in fits and starts) for the last few years. I have been more productive as a writer than ever before thanks to Kimberly. If you yearn to write but feel stuck, she will help you work through the tough spots and put better words on paper than you even thought possible.
— Mary Ellen

Kimberly has a true curiosity about finding what her clients need. She listens with great skill, gently probes into more possibilities and guides them towards the “aha” of what may be holding them back. I find her exceptionally intuitive, well trained and invested in her client’s best outcomes. Kim brings her best self to each conversation. She coaches from and with her heart! Her talent and commitment are exceptional!
— Julie G

I would highly recommend getting in touch with Kimberly. She is an amazing coach. She helped me to gain some really solid clarity. She is highly empathetic but at the same time willing to challenge me. At the end of each of our coaching conversations I felt as if I had gained new and powerful insight and I also felt as if I could handle anything that came my way.
— Michelle