Why hire me?

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls when what we are looking for is a soft ball. I am here to catch those for you, so you can stay in the game of life.

My journey through life has been circuitous and wildly divergent.

Which is what equips me to help you navigate the minefields of disappointment. You can find the richness you crave.

My passion is helping others find their passion. I achieved that through writing. Why in the world does this matter to you? Because through writing, I figured out how to rekindle the joy in my life. It brought me through divorce, death of loved ones, confusion, doubt and despair. And I can show you how to use it to do the same thing. Re-connecting to your inner artist will allow you to reclaim your joy, and write your masterpiece life, Find the juice you need to not only get out of bed, but love doing it.


How do I do that?

  • Two Life Coach Certifications

  • 40 years of life experience creating businesses (read “seeker” here)

  • A program that meets you right where you are, (from idea to partially completed or almost finished “I have no idea where to go now” work) that offers support, instruction, community and one on one time to get your writing out of your head and on paper.

  • New digital program launching next year – with optional retreat in Paris!

  • Two published books on how to write your novel

  • Weekly blog posts with tips and writing suggestions

  • Monthly newsletter with guest authors offering their best advice (hint, soon to be a linked blog post that you can submit your own work to!)

  • Free 31 page E-book “Writer’s Tool Kit” packed with info to help you get started

  • Free 144 page E-book “12 Weeks to Writing” to move further along the journey


"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set" up a life you don't need to escape from.

-Seth Godin